Who Killed Bryce Walker ? 13 Reason why is here!

13 reasons why trailer:

Netflix had released the trailer of 13 reasons why on August 14, 2019, and the question were " Who Killed Bryce Walker? "


Friendly warning:

This article spoils Season 3 of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. Haven’t you seen it? Get to streaming!

13 reasons why Season 3 Story:

A new character introduced ' Ani ' as a friend of Clay and a new student of Liberty High.

Police start thinking that Clay Jensen killed Bryce because he raped Hanna Baker, Jessica Davis, and other girls but Clay was innocent and he has nothing to do with that.

Bryce trying to become a better person in this season and when he listed Hannah tapes he completely changed, he tries to the apology from Mrs.Baker and Jessica and also tried to help Tyler when he told him about Monty, Bryce also give tread to monty that if he ever tried to bully Tyler he would kill him.

Chloe got pregnant by Bryce but she hasn't told him and her goes to the hospital and got an abortion with Zach.

Bryce told Jessica that he wants to give him something ( that was the tape of Bryce Confession and apology for Jessica for what he had done with Jessica) and she refused to come on the place, then Bryce told her to come with someone she trusts and feels safe.

Zach goes to a police station and confesses that " Zach killed Bryce walker " but when police ask for more details than he told that he break Bryce's leg and make him unconscious but police told him that Bryce killed by droning in water so actually Zach hasn't killed Bryce walker.

When Zack left Bryce with broke leg and he has gone, then Jessica come with Alex to get that tape from Bryce and got that, but when they both are leaving Bryce told them to help him, but Jessica refused but Alex told Jessica that we should help him because of he if he dies while his legs are broke, maybe Zach goes to jail for harming Bryce.

Then Alex help and try to pick him but Bryce shouted that he will ruin Zach life for harming him and Alex got angry and shout back to Bryce that You killed and harmed everyone who were my friends and whom I love and Alex lost his mind and pushed Bryce in the River, Bryce shouted for help but Alex was out of his mind and they both left that place. So Actually Bryce was killed by Alex.

Alex and Jessica shared this with Clay, Ani and their group, so Ani made a plan and tell police that monty went to Bryce after Zach left and Monty killed Bryce, and also put that Bryce original tape in Monty locker,  because Bryce know about monty harassment of Tyler and he also trenched him, While Monty then killed in his cell (OFF Screen).

After this everyone is free now because Monty is killed in the cell and at last, they listed to the Bryce Walker tape copy and seriously that part was very emotional. In the tape, he said he is sorry from Jessica, Hannah and also from other girls and he wants to change.

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