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Netlfix Season Sacred Games What will happen in Season 3

Sacred Games Season 2 trailer:
Netflix had released trailer of Sacred Games Season 2 on 9 July 2019.

Friendly warning: This article spoils the Season 2 of Netflix’s Sacred Games. Haven’t seen it? Get to streaming!

Sacred Games Season 2 :
Netflix had released Sacred Games Season 2 on 14 August 2019 in Pakistan and 15 
August 2019 in India

Sacred Games Season 2 (Courtesy Netflix): 

S2E1 (Matsya): 
After making a discovery in Gaitonde's bunker, Sartaj joins a mission to foil a deadly conspiracy. In 1994, Gaitonde resurfaces in a new location.

S2E2 (Siduri )
With the terrorist cell investigation underway, Sartaj visits Guruji's ashram. In the late '90s, Gaitonde is urged to seek a spiritual anchor.

S2E3 (Apasmara) 
Sartaj traces how Shahid khan's nuclear consignment was delivered to India. in early 2000, Gaitonde takes bold action to maintain his notoriety.

S2E4 (Bardo )
Sartaj's team tries to reach Shahid Khan via an internet chatroom. In 2003, Gaitonde's growing disenchantment with his life brings him closer to Guruji.

S2E5 (Vikarna )
As Sartaj's team baits a trap for Shahid Khan, Majid suspects a department member. Immersed in ashram life, Gaitonde learns of Guruji's lethal plans.

S2E6 (Azrael )
Batya lets Sartaj in on several secrets, leaving him reeling and conflicted. Gaitonde returns to Mumbai to set Guruji's destructive plan in motion.

S2E7 (Torino )
After committing a drastic act, Gaitonde can't silence Guruji's voice in his mind. Parulkar reaches a shocking realization. Sartaj makes a breakthrough.

S2E8 (Radcliffe)Unsettling truths, complex betrayals and unforeseen connections emerge for Sartaj, Gaitonde and Shahid Khan as doomsday descends on Mumbai.

(Courtesy Netflix)

Actually in this season viewers realized that the real master mind behind all this game was Guruji, he was controlling Ganesh Gaitonde by Jojo and then capturing him and torturing him in the cell and then call him and told him " Tu Mare ga nahe " and got his trust and Ganesh Gaitonde call him his 3rd Father.

Then released him from the cell and then he joined Guruji and started working with him in their mission, and Guruji mission is to end this world and then start it with a good way because this world is now became so much mess so they helped Shahid khan for nuclear attack and also involved in other terrorist activities so they can end this world as soon as possible.

But Ganesh Gaitonde realized that Guruji is doing wrong and he killed Guruji and told Sartaj about their mission because he only trusts Sartaj (25 din hain bacha lena apne mumbai ko), he knows that Sartaj is a honest police officer just like his father Dilbagh singh and rest of the department and politician are corrupt , and then Ganesh Gaitonde killed himself.

While sartaj was also depressed from this world and also batya (guruji PA) told him a lie that his father also wants to complete this misson but infect Guruji and his team killed Sartaj father and for a time being Sartaj  join Guruji team but he also realized that its wrong and he just left the safe place of Guruji team with Guruji book and try to defuse the nuclear bomb.

Now the season ended on the last try of pattern to defuse the bomb and if you guys see that with focus , you may noticed that he entered the wrong pattern from that book , But maybe that is a master pattern, Who Knows! but this is a suspense and everyone is waiting for Season 3.

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