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13 Reasons Why: Clay and His Friends Can Go to Jail in Season 4

SPOILER ALERT: Major spoilers for season 3 of 13 Reasons Why below!

Fans area unit still freaking out over the tip of thirteen Reasons Why season three, that unconcealed WHO really killed Bryce Walker and what happened to every of the characters because the police tried to work out WHO would try and get revenge on him. Of course, there have been a great deal of missing details and therefore the truth was finally unconcealed at the tip of the season, however the correct person wasn't condemned.

At the tip of the season, Monty was darned for Bryce's death and therefore the police quickly unconcealed that he was killed whereas he was in jail for sexually assaulting Tyler. whereas the police might need closed the door on this mystery, Clay and therefore the remainder of Liberty High can need to make preparations to face their biggest challenge nonetheless as they need to cover their involvement in one thing one last time.

So what quite consequences can they face? And WHO may be facing the worst one?
Here area unit all the attainable consequences that Clay and his friends may face in season four...

Clay Jensen:

No matter however exhausting he tries, Clay continuously looks to be within the middle of some quite bother whereas out and regarding in Crestmont, California. whereas he was able to prove his innocence in Bryce's murder, it sounds like things may get even worse for him once the trained worker discovered the guns that he and Tony threw into the watercourse once they stopped Tyler from beginning a college shooting at the dance at the tip of season a pair of. Since their fingerprints area unit seemingly on the guns, there is a sensible likelihood that it may well be copied back to them and there is solely most you'll be able to do to fight against proof like that.

Tony Padilla:

Tony is another person who must worry regarding the fisherman's discovery, as he helped Clay get obviate Tyler's guns. However, that is not the sole reason why he may be facing some jail time within the next season. cuckoo unconcealed that Tony was wash cash to send to his family back to United Mexican States once they were deported. His man, Caleb, conjointly took his pony back from Bryce's garage, which suggests there is a likelihood that it absolutely was purloined and Bryce's family may wish it back. Tony is unquestionably the character that has the foremost against him, however knowing him, he'll notice some way to urge out of it all.

Jessica Davis and Alex Standall:

Jessica and Alex area unit already off the hook for Bryce's murder, once cuckoo song to the police and gave them each solid alibis that may place them aloof from the pier wherever he died. Alex's begetter conjointly is aware of that he did it and lined up for him, even acceptive Ani's story that he wasn't close to the docks albeit he knew the reality. whereas this may build them safe, Winston is aware of that there's no approach that Monty could've done it and may request revenge and find them to reveal WHO very killed him within the 1st place.

Justin Foley:

Not together with his own addiction, Justin was conjointly seen attempting to urge obviate his own gun and merchandising medicine on the aspect. this can definitely place him on the police's measuring system next season, however, it'd be fascinating to examine if he finally gets the assistance he wants or if he continues to use medicine within the next season.

Tyler Down:

Tyler got a ending in season three once he talked to the police regarding however Monty sexually molested him and got him sent to jail. However, the guns that were discovered within the watercourse originally belonged to Tyler and therefore the police already grasp that he originally planned to start out a college shooting at the highschool dance. With the guns currently back within the open, there is a sensible likelihood that they may be copied back to him and he might need to face the implications for having them.

Zach  Dempsey:

Zach admitted to the police that he beat up Bryce before he was killed. The police noted that what he did was technically battery and assault, however he wasn't the rationale for Bryce's murder, therefore there is a sensible likelihood that they're going to formally charge him with those 2 charges if they need to.

Ani Achola:

While the police was fast to believe Ani's story on however Monty "killed" Bryce, lawman Standall is aware of the reality then will Winston. once he unconcealed that Monty was really with him on the night of Bryce's murder, it gave the impression of Winston was able to facilitate clear Monty's name. If he's able to do therefore and prove that cuckoo song to the police, then cuckoo will face some serious consequences. However, there is conjointly the likelihood of her operating with Winston to share what very happened to Bryce, which might cause bother along with her and her friends. Either way, each situations will not be sensible for her and will see her facing attainable jail time for lying to them within the 1st place.

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