How much CTR is good for Google AdSense Account?

How much CTR is good for Google AdSense Account?

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Before I explain that how much CTR is good for Google AdSense account. It is required that you should know first what is CTR?

Click-Through Rate (CTR):

CTR is the ratio of number of click on any advertisement to the number of times that page containing advertisement is viewed. So from here we will derive its relation. CTR can defined as click rate which is equals to the number of times a click is made on the advertisement divided by the total impressions
ctr adsense formula
For example – If you are running a advertisement on your website which gets you around 10 clicks and 100 people saw that advertisement on your pages so CTR will be 10%.

Factor affecting CTR:

CTR is highly dependent on the position of the advertisement and correct advertisement on related page .
For example – If someone is searching for abc books and he is getting advertisement about mobile phone for sure he won’t click unless and until that advertisement is related to books. That’s why Google always shows relevant advertisement related to your interest which helps in getting high CTR. Actually that work on the function of keyword. Google runs advertisement depending  upon users search interest.

What is a good CTR ?

CTR for a good AdSense account is around 3-6%. For ads well placed in the 1st screen CTR can get even be higher. On an average bloggers get 1%-2% CTR. For YouTube you may get an average of 3-6% CTR.

Does high CTR is good ?

CTR more than 10% is not good because sometimes some hackers target home pages advertisement to take down your ad-sense account. You might be thinking why they are doing this? Does they get any benefit from my adsense account? No they are not getting any benefit but they want to take down your profit actually they want to attack your website and they failed so they are attacking your AdSense account. If your website Adsense gets attacked in that  case your CTR value will be more than 10%. They basically create bots to target your home page advertisement. If you ever see your CTR value going more than 10% than remove ads from home page or else you might loose your AdSense account. Now I hope that you have came to know how much CTR is good for adsense.
I hope you are able to judge how much CTR is good for AdSense account. This was my research about CTR. If you have a different opinion then do let me know. We will appreciate your feedback.

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