Can you make money on Tiktok ?

Here's How Much You Can Make on TikTok

TikTok doesn’t pay directly to the stars. There are three ways to earn money from TikTok.

Areeka Haq Ticktok Star
Areeka Haq Ticktok Star

1) Live Stream: 

During live stream on TikTok, viewers watching you can actually gift you money, They don’t send you direct cash, but digital gifts which you can convert into real cash,Tik Tok takes a 20% cut of that digital gift.

2) Influencer:

If you are popular on Tik Tok, brands will contact you as an influencer and pay you money for advertising their product. If you produce good content and have a decent following.

3) E-Commerce Business:

Tik Tok influencers can start their own e-commerce businesses and promote their merch on their channels to earn from the leading lip sync application. Users can do creative unboxing, branding, subtle brand placements, and much more.

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