Devices That Lose Netflix on 1st December

Devices That Lose Netflix on 1st December 


On the First of December, Some Samsung and Roku devices will no longer be able to access Netflix.

The full list of all the affected devices that will not support Netflix anymore, will be uploaded soon as Netflix announces. List of the devices that will no longer be supported.

Roku devices

  1. Roku 2000C
  2. Roku 2050X
  3. Roku 2100X
  4. Roku HD
  5. Roku SD
  6. Roku XD
  7. Roku XR
  8. Any other Roku devices that cannot auto-play the next episode

Samsung TVs

TVs with a C or D in their model code released in 2010 and 2011. Samsung’s support page will help you find your TV’s code.

Make sure to check Netflix’s official website to check that your device is in the supported devices or not.

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