GitHub Launched its Mobile App

GitHub Launched its Mobile App

GitHub finally has launched its mobile app combining new features and a completely new experience for users to preserve the world’s code for the next 1,000 years. 

The GitHub App allows more flexibility for users to share feedback on any discussion and move work forward from any location you are working.

GitHub App
GitHub App, Image Source: TechCrunch

GitHub also claimes some new features in the app. Let’s know about them in brief.

  • The best thing about the GitHub App is that It has the ‘Dark Mode’ with the launch as it is the most preferable among developers.
  • GitHub App has a Redesigned notification inbox that allows you to set filters for priority work.
  • The GitHub App automatically adjusts to every screen size and device preferences based on different devices.
  • User of GitHub App can also schedule reminders by sending slank notifications for pending code review.
  • The code navigation is also a new thing to give attention to, as it allows more ways to navigate code from a bunch of sources.

GitHub now supports even more open-source projects with the latest GitHub Enterprise Server release.

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